Things to Do After an Inventory Check

Fortunately, stock take apps have simplified the process of taking inventory for all businesses. However, just because you can see the information at any time does not mean you forget the steps you would have taken had you tallied the inventory manually. The stock you sell and what is left behind tells every business person something. The stock shows the state of the business. At a glance, a professional can determine if the company has sufficient cash flow or if most of the capital is tied in stock. If you are a business owner or work in stock taking and inventory, doing research on improving your operating processes is important and stock take apps like the one here: should be what you take a look at.

Verify that the information captured by the app is accurate

Although stock take apps are more accurate than manual systems, they still rely on human input, primarily if the client did not shop online. Sometimes one may input the information wrongly or fail to record the sale as required. After a specific period, it is best to take an inventory to confirm that the available records are right and that the decisions made against the information available were made in the best interest of the business.

Carry out an audit of the income against the items sold

It is easy to be caught up in a cycle of buying and selling products without genuinely evaluating the actual state of the business. A business having sufficient cash flow does not mean it is making a profit. It is crucial for the company to confirm if the gains outweigh the operating costs. Choosing to do this seasonally will help you determine if the price at which you are selling the products is right or if it should be revised upwards. This audit will also assist in providing a guide on how to handle slow-selling products that need to be sold and replaced with better ones.

Generate inventory reports

All businesses have seasons when things are going well, and times when sales are low. It is important for business owners to plan for the low seasons. It would be unfortunate if all the financial capital is tied up in stock. Failure to keep track of expenses also finds some businesses flat-footed when things go wrong. It is vital for business owners to remember there are costs, such as wages and rent which need to be paid, whether the business is doing well or not. Monthly reports will help entrepreneurs and managers to appreciate all that happens in the company and the necessary decisions to be made.

Identify high-risk areas

The stock take app will show you high-risk areas. For example, if the app is linked from the retail point of the business, you can identify if clients complete the transactions or if they give up before purchasing anything. In this case, the challenge might be the products, the price or the layout of the site. If the marketing strategy does not seem to yield the expected results, the problem might be the target population or the marketing style used. Plenty of information can be got from the stock status and report. This information can be used to keep the business from failing or to help it grow faster than anticipated.


A stock take app is a vital tool for all businesses. It can be used to identify some of the things that are being taken for granted, yet clients consider it very important. It is possible for every business to become a household name. However, for this to happen, the company needs to be looked at as a whole, instead of independent parts of a whole.


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Advantages of CCTV Analysis in Retail Setup

Theft is a biggest issue in the retail stores that impact the success of any retail stores or showrooms. No matter how much efforts you make to protect your retail outlet, there is always a potential problem related to theft.

Check out ATT Systems CCTV Video Analytics for a good solution today.

Problem of retail theft and loss can be prevented through retail security system. Security cameras play a crucial role in stepping up the security systems in retail outlets. If you are an owner of a retail business then you must look into the benefits of installing security cameras.

Use video surveillance for loss prevention
The loss of inventories due to theft is the primary concern for retail stores these days. A security camera is a solution to cut down the inventory and will automatically help in evading negative financial impact on your business. It will not only help to track down the thief but also record the intention or attempt made by any person before it is actually done.

Constant surveillance
Security camera gives you 24/7 facility. Even if you are not there in the store or if you are miles away you would be able to monitor your retail store without any extra effort. Data gathered in 2015 showed that almost 35.5% of inventory lost is due to theft. Video surveillance also keeps track of dishonest employee. Substantial evidence generated from the CCTV can be used as evidence for theft accusation.

Improves customer service
Happy customers make your business grow one step ahead of what others are striving for. Ensuring that customers are having pleasurable experience while shopping plays huge part in your success. It ensures that your employees are fulfilling all guidelines in serving customers. Security camera not only helps in deterring theft, but it has also been proved to be beneficial for business growth.

Digital Storage
Unlike other security devices, CCTV video analytics helps in storing data in digital video recorders (DVRs) and network video recorders (NVRs), making it easier to retrieve data during times of need.

Helps in improving the layout of store
Lastly, you can use video cameras to design your store and improve the layout. It helps to track the shopper’s shopping pattern and on the basis of which you can target customers’ need and strategize your store layout.

To avoid cost, one must take all the possible efforts before installing security cameras in retail stores. Nowadays, market offers great advanced technology at the lowest possible rates.

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