A Look at the Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was released in April 2018. It has been declared as the game changer of how the modern business processes work in the world. It is basically a suite of applications, each designed to target a sector. Previously, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) worked in the form of two separate entities with no mode of communication between them. The tech savvy think tanks of Microsoft decided to incorporate these two together into a super software that came to be known as the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Ever since its release, the software has been received by the business community with open arms. It has a real-time user interface that is easy to use, and the overall package is not expensive. So small scale to medium businesses that couldn’t afford software’s such as ERP, have also been able to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Technology and Innovation in Singapore

Singapore is a rich country affluent with international businesses that owe much to its growing GDP. The country offers a very flexible tax paying environment and the government is applauded for being very honest and helpful. This has always favored Singapore in attracting more international investments. The businesses are paid special importance and young entrepreneurs are encouraged to put up small companies. The aim of Singapore is to improve more in every field and grow revenue from businesses.

Innovation is key to expanding such businesses and companies. There is always a better tool in the market that can help systemize business processes. Singapore has always been very open to adopting such software’s and tools into its companies and a growing revenue is the successful result.  Thus, the adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been welcomed with open arms by businesses in the country.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 at Work

The software is a very comprehensive tool that adheres all the important applications of a business and streamlines them into one super platform. The features such as accounts, finance, customer relations, sales and inventory are now all seen, with transparency into one system. It’s a cloud-based system that can be viewed and dealt with at any time and place.

The nature of the software is very user friendly that can be used by any user and does not require special training. There is a very long and comprehensive customization involved, where the user molds the system according to his requirements. A proper customization ensures that all the workflow is efficient and according to the demand of the business. The sale leads are paid a lot of importance and bettered with advice on how the ones that are lagging, could be improved.

The operations performed by Microsoft Dynamics 365 have improved capabilities. Not to mention the extensive set of customer relation operations, which are constantly modified, checked and automated. Like all software’s, the users have faced a few glitches in the use of the application but with think tanks such as Microsoft, most of these problems have been resolved and systems keeps up to date.