The Internet of Things and how it can help your Business

Technology has really made a difference in our world today. As we look around, many things and devices are now being used to help people with daily activities. Today, we are going to talk about the Internet of Things. In a definition by i-Scoop, the Internet of Things is a network of connected devices which have embedded technologies or equipped with technologies that enable them to sense, gather data and communicate about the environment in which they reside and/or themselves. Furthermore, we are going to focus on how IoT can help your business.

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To start, Mark Hillsdon will tell us what the Internet of Things is and why businesses are taking it seriously.

The ‘internet of things’: what it is and why business is taking it seriously

The internet of things (IoT) is revolutionising how we live, from the way we control our central heating, to wearable fitness trackers that tell us how far we’ve walked. It’s also beginning to usher in what has been dubbed “the fourth industrial revolution”, as it transforms manufacturing processes from inventory management to quality control and assurance.

However, research early this year by satellite communications company Inmarsat revealed that many organisations lack the skills to develop, manage and deploy IoT solutions, especially in areas such as data analytics and cybersecurity. And that’s good news for graduates.

IoT is about devices, from simple sensors to smart phones, which talk to each other over the internet. “It’s the use of technology to gather insights around a particular operation that can help you make smarter decisions,” says Paul Gudonis, president of Inmarsat’s Enterprise Business Unit. Read more here.

With the evolving technology, new skills and capabilities are now needed in the work place from time to time. Flexibility is important. It was mentioned above that what we are doing now are not what we are going to do in the next years to come. We have to understand that.

Anyways, let us now proceed to Nicholas Chowdrey’s article which is about the three ways the Internet of Things will improve business efficiency by harnessing big data.

Three ways the Internet of Things will improve business efficiency by harnessing big data

When we hear about the Internet of Things (IoT) we often think of consumer products like wireless thermostats and multiroom speakers, meaning business uses are often overlooked.

Indeed, in a recent study by Dresner Advisory services, most industries rated IoT as not important.

However, advocates of IoT say there’s huge potential for the technology to transform business intelligence, especially when coupled with big data. They see IoT as a core justification for businesses to implement big data analytics, ranking it in the top three use cases, alongside customer analysis and data warehouse optimisation.

To get a better understanding of the potential business impact, let’s take a look at three current and future IoT business uses that harness big data.

  1. Visualising data insights

When most people think of data visualisation they imagine charts, graphs and tables of numbers. Although fairly easy to understand, these simple formats fall short of today’s needs. Read more here.

            The top three business impacts of IoT given above involve visualizing data insights, enhancing human resources, and networking machinery. With all that are mentioned above, it is definitely proven that the Internet of things will not only help you at home, but at work as well. Now eUKhost will give us nine ways the Internet of Things will affect your business.

9 Ways the Internet of Things Will Affect Your Business

If you’re someone who still thinks the Internet of Things (IoT) is tomorrow’s technology, it’s time for a wake-up call. It’s already here and making a big impact on business.

For those that are still confused by the term, the Internet of Things is simply technology that uses the internet to send and receive data. And it’s all around us; we can monitor our health via a watch, keep track of gas and electric using a smart meter, turn on our central heating using a phone, and set the Nespresso machine to make us a coffee. The list goes on.

In the business world too, the Internet of Things is being used by many companies. Rolls Royce constantly monitors its aircraft engines’ performance whilst in flight, UPS monitors mileage, speed and engine health of its fleet, Disney World uses a Magic Band to monitor which attractions people visit when at the theme park.  The National Trust even used IoT technology to keep track of its cows. Read more here.

One of the benefits given above is that it will reduce environmental impact. One of the ways this can happen is by monitoring room usage so that lighting and air-conditioning are shut down when a room is empty. Aside from the benefits, there are also some challenges with IoT that are mentioned above. Now that we understand how IoT can affect our business, we can now assess if our company or organization needs it.

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