Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its Pros and Cons

What is a Microsoft dynamics CRM? First off, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it is focussed on the interactions with present and future customers. Now according to Tutorials Point, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software package developed by Microsoft focused on enhancing the customer relationship for any organization. Now we are going to learn more about it as we read and discuss about the pros and cons of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

One vendor for Microsoft Dynamics is Hitachi ICT. Hitachi ICT Microsoft Dynamics is a Microsoft Dynamics partner who are established in this field and they have consultants whom you can enquire with regarding the solutions your company requires. If you are serious about a solution for your company, you should check them out at their site.


First off, let us talk about the advantages and disadvantages of online Dynamics. CAL Business Solutions will give us four.

Four Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Dynamics SaaS Subscriptions

Software as a service (SaaS) is a cloud subscription model that offers many advantages over on-premise or other cloud models, but it also has some disadvantages. If you are considering an Online Dynamics subscription, you should know what SaaS is and how it can benefit your business. Is Online Dynamics right for you?

 Among the advantages of Online Dynamics are

  1. You do not have to purchase hardware or infrastructure, and you do not have to maintain it, which is particularly important for small to medium sized businesses that do not have large IT staffs
  2. The software is typically licensed on an ongoing pay-as-you-go model, rather than a large one-time, per-seat purchase
  3. SaaS often offers universal access, allowing you to connect to the software from any device (desktop, laptop, mobile phone, etc.) from any place that has an Internet connection.
  4. The initial price is usually considerably lower than purchasing on-premise equipment and software. Read more here.

So online Dynamics is convenient because you have a universal access, meaning you can connect to the software from any device wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection. However, it could be a disadvantage as well because without internet, there is no access.

Now to start with the pros and cons of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, let us read Sof’s article below.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is very reliable and credible; however it has split many businesses down the middle, with some being in favour of it and implementing it across the board, and others choosing instead to opt for a competitor. Here, I will weigh up some of the pros and cons of MS Dynamics that have been voiced often by its users.

One of the benefits of Dynamics is that it boasts one of the most user-friendly interfaces available, with it being incredibly fast, never overwhelmingly cluttered and very reliable.

This means that training up your staff to use it will in theory not take very long.

            Another plus is that being a Microsoft product it is immediately compatible with any MS office product, notably Outlook, IE and Active Directory.

Also, it is full of features that will allow you to get up and running straight away, rather than have to search further for upgrades and installations. Read more here.

As stated earlier Microsoft Dynamics CRM is user friendly. It is also incredibly fast and reliable. However, if you are not using Microsoft products in your entire business, then it would probably cost you more. Also, think about compatibility of MS when you are using other products. For more pros and cons, let us also read DAVID AKKA’s article below.

The Pros And Cons Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

I have written a lot recently about mobility but I haven’t forgotten that my business is software. As I mentioned in a recent blog, Microsoft are currently readying themselves for an all out assault on their home ground, the enterprise, by Apple and Google. With this in mind I thought it would be interesting to sit back and take a look at Microsoft Dynamics, their CRM offering, which has recently taken Microsoft out of their comfort zone and into more “cloudy” territory.

Pro: Familiarity

Dynamics CRM, as you would expect from a Microsoft product, has a very simple user look and feel especially for those familiar with SharePoint or Office, the UI is genuinely uncluttered and easy to use, meaning that adoption training and familiarisation should be at a minimum.

Con: We aren’t all Microsoft wall to wall

This is something more and more of my customers are highlighting to me. Dynamics has of course been optimised for compatibility with MS products and performance does tend to take a slight hit if anything else is used. Read more here.

Just like what was mentioned earlier, familiarity is one thing that we could benefit from. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a very simple look which is not difficult to operate. However, as said earlier too, all the products you are using should be Microsoft too for you to be able to experience real and more benefits. Anyways, all the other pros and cons are already mentioned above. It is now up to you to weigh them and decide if you need it.


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